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CURRENT ISSUE: Spring 2015


Three Tales of Displacement

In the early morning hours of January 12, 1963, a coup took place on the island of Zanzibar. It was a small, relatively silent uprising; those over whom the hand of government had switched in the middle of the night awoke none the wiser. As day broke, insubstantial rumors began to trickle in. The sun climbed in the sky like a fiery balloon, and with it rose the tide of hearsay.

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Spring 2015: Editor's Note

April, at 21 South Street, is far from the cruelest month. But melting snow reveals spring breeding: birthing dormant lilacs from our archives, mixing institutional memory with a new, stirring rain.

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Aquamanile in the Form of Phyllis and Aristotle

Consider also desired
things. The currant
in the navel under
my long robe.

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"Watch Me"

Five years had passed since Karen died, and Ben kept up the parties for Jakey’s sake. But Jakey had grown a foot and turned gorgeous, Ben had a new girlfriend who looked nothing like Karen, and the birthday party, which began as a chance for old friends to gather and remember, had become a bit of a drag. It ruptured the holidays. Besides, her old friends weren’t all friends with each other anymore. Some of them never had been.

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Broad City's Amorphous Partiality

The erotics of weird friendship in Comedy Central's Broad City

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