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CURRENT ISSUE: Winter 2015


Polonius to Prufrock

This is my body. This is my body. This is my body, help me hold it together. Help me hold it together. Help me hold it in tight. Keep me from writing another tonight. You.... [Continue reading]


Full Circle: (Exotic) Odysseys Through (Oriental) Rainforests on (Outlawed) Tour Buses

The dancers hop around the stage, dressed in polyester costumes, accompanied by the music of electronic lutes. The women are uniformly attractive in their false eyelashes and youth. Most of the men look mediocre, but two tall chiseled fellows keep pushing their way to the front of the ensemble, aware that they’re the stars of the display. .... [Continue reading]



Those five boys—the drunk ones who knocked the living shit and thirty-seven pennies out of Riccardo Hernandez—they weren’t all football players. The news people latched onto the football thing when they rode into town in their white vans, logos on the sides and satellites hitched to the roofs. They aired long, weighty shots of the rebel flag painted on the back of Mr. Johnson’s tackle shop, and reported on the deadly incident between five football players and a Mexican immigrant in front of the city hall in Riddlescreak, Virginia. .... [Continue reading]