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CURRENT ISSUE: Winter 2015


Leafscape and Lullaby

Once the leaves had drained of chlorophyll, sculpted themselves with rouge and commissioned a warm light to gild them, a few threw themselves down to wash once more in this pooling of a water most unlike rain. And you cast yourself flat along the bodies of the leaves, made yourself expansive and did a wormy sort of work. Laying weight on the film tension of water over concrete and gathering the leafscape to its boundaries. Where else might you bathe except numb.... [Continue reading]


An Interview With Étienne Balibar

Étienne Balibar is a French philosopher. As a student of Louis Althusser, he coauthored the influential Reading Capital. His extensive writings have analyzed the nation-state, race, citizenship, identity and, most recently, the problem of political violence. Balibar is a visiting Professor at Columbia University’s Institute for Comparative Literature and Society. The Harvard Advocate’s Art Editor, Brad Bolman, sat down with Balibar on the occasion of his lecture, “Violence, Civility, and Politics Revisited,” at Harvard’s Mahindra Humanities Center on November 5, 2014..... [Continue reading]



Straight vs. Crooked “You know there are no straight lines in it? That’s what makes it perfect.” My mother wipes her forehead, at the narrow fold of her brow where sweat has begun to pool. I say, “Of course there are no straight lines in it. The whole thing’s in ruins.”.... [Continue reading]