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CURRENT ISSUE: Summer 2015


Harajuku Days

At the age of thirteen, I went to my first concert. It was performed at the Qwest Center in Omaha, Nebraska by Gwen Stefani—Gwen, the modern blonde bombshell, fashion maven, and self-declared American ambassador of all things Harajuku. 

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Editor's Note: Summer 2015

Summer is the most languorous season. Boundaries deliquesce and bleed into each other the way the calendar warps, slowing toward the crescendo of heat and gathering speed with crisper weather’s approach. Accordingly, the newly renamed summer issue is an envoy to be savored slowly, stretched between May and September, lounging in extended afternoons until the fireflies come out. Suitable to sinusoidal sun waves and climate-controlled cabins alike, the summer issue travels with you.

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Official Happiness

The cosmonaut returned to Earth said moonshine
was what he’d missed, and wurst. He described
space: weightlessness feels nice, there is plenty
of candy stuffed in the hatch-flap, et cetera
and the kids think you’re a hero. You distract

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Love on the Installment Plan

There are many reasons why you would choose a mail-order bride. The first of which––loneliness––is one that you would not admit to yourself, or at least not without careful repackaging. You’re just so busy; you don’t have time for dating. And the women in the area don’t understandyou. Maybe that’s why you fear them. Although that, too, you would never admit.

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Addiction Takes a Postmodern Spin

Exercise is not an uncommon contemporary addiction, but SoulCycle dresses its junkies in exclusive style, and the new narcotic for the rich has transformed a single Upper West Side studio into a national franchise with over 1,200 employees in 40 cities. What distinguishes the SoulCycle Narrative most of all, though, is that it recounts a distinctly postmodern addiction: affirming dependence as transcendence, abandoning critical distance, embracing the irrational with irony.

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