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CURRENT ISSUE: Summer 2015


Kollini Played the Two Sticks

My brother Ben and I were in the backyard, ages three and seven respectively, replaying the usual game of “restaurant.” Our kitchen was stocked with pebbled meat paste and stoney buns, our dining room an avant-garde array of Wiffle Balls and hula-hoops. Business was booming, and so was boredom. A plot twist was in order. 

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Editor's Note: Summer 2015

Summer is the most languorous season. Boundaries deliquesce and bleed into each other the way the calendar warps, slowing toward the crescendo of heat and gathering speed with crisper weather’s approach. Accordingly, the newly renamed summer issue is an envoy to be savored slowly, stretched between May and September, lounging in extended afternoons until the fireflies come out. Suitable to sinusoidal sun waves and climate-controlled cabins alike, the summer issue travels with you.

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Official Happiness

The cosmonaut returned to Earth said moonshine
was what he’d missed, and wurst. He described
space: weightlessness feels nice, there is plenty
of candy stuffed in the hatch-flap, et cetera
and the kids think you’re a hero. You distract

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  Where does Marcia from Minnetonka go at night? Who’s the lucky man?

Mindy and I say things under the jasmine trellis during lunch break. Where does Yvonne from Iceland smoke? Does Katherine from Texas spend tip dollars on cocaine, or is that a lie good as any? If Talia from Denmark and Mark from Boston are fucking in the swamps, where do they fuck, and how? Does she lie on her back, does he? Who takes the weight, is what I’d like to know.

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"SHARE"—If You Dare

When a campaign is as unprepared for mass sensation as was the KONY 2012 publicity stunt, could it be that virality actually hurts the cause it hopes to relieve? This question came under serious debate in late 2014 due to the retraction of a Rolling Stone article entitled “A Rape on Campus.”

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