Experience in Groups

What is language is a new needed

For the going on part of the end 

You can tell has made it here because


The air is with condition

The outside seems to be like anything

Placed in a lab or subway car


The truths are showing through

The people have chosen to be

Each moves along fresh tracks


On the erasable surface

Toward a tiny destiny

Wearing vraiment raiment


It’s maybe three days after

Or exactly during seeing

The future put on its certainties


I want of the opposite to speak

To say what isn’t etymology, won’t

Be money to the king above my eye


Reach out to the invisible third

Among every two pedestrians

Where belonging bucks its norms


Difference lives in the least places

Shine caught in the multiple

Lie of any kind of hair


You can’t tell if it’s order or not

To follow the too many paths

Just above the face, below sky


Long enough to forget or be

Distracted from the big geographies

Where truth first learned of us


In the pit of an education

In the skysick life of power

In its moving rearrangements


I was walking on Mission Street

In love with you while damage bloomed

The right order right in the words


Below the preserved fade of marquees

The little sale of needless things

Listing bodies listed just past


It was far too easy to get here

Standing still while white time flowed

Around its professional mourners


Comfortable in end after end

The next one isn’t very pretty

At least we’ll see how together


It provides absent alternatives

My plan to put my body between

Where it already was and is going