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Notional Appendages

1. Some people think the children should be confiscated and raised up by the state, but I think the state should be confiscated and raised up by the children.

1.1 "Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime."

1.11 But who around with a fish-surplus really would let the fellow starve on his way to learning, or if he could not learn?

1.12 The president-Electoral’s candidate to be the next Secretary of Housing and Urban Development says that the best thing the state can do for recipients of welfare is to "get them off it."

1.121 By way of our ethical fish-rubric we may understand Dr. Carson to be in favor of the prompt cancellation of any general program of fish-provision: no comment as to fishing-education.

1.1211 Whence this callousness? Generalized disdain for herd-immunity?

1.122 There may be nothing more to the nominee than a brain in a chem-trail vat.

1.2 And the House's Speaker's plan of course is, "Encounter a hungry man near some body of water, teach him how to drown."

1.3 The nominee for Secretary of Education can be expected to abandon the fish-proverb's party-line as it would apply to matters of academic procedure.

1.31 "Learn it for the test."

2. Some sententious Easy-Bake Ovens with ingrown chins agree: Justice needn't be blind: it suffices for it to squint.

3. The only reason we suppose that some of these men believe in the existence of minds other than their own is that we see how desperately they care what other people think.

3.1 We are constituent instantiators of the multiverse of Mind.

3.11 Never miss a chance to agree when you do.

3.2 “[Whereof we cannot speak, thereof we must be violent.]”

4. Someone eventually realized they could cut the bread if they made the circuses extravagant enough.

4.1 You aren't talking about current affairs if you aren't talking about affair-currents.

5. The Google-default definition that when you Google “partisan” pops up gives an impression of the unclarity of our political language.

5.1 Political conversation proceeds essentially without terms, unless otherhow specified.

5.2 In fact many matters are political, as they concern the contravention or not of the sorts of general rights and liberties the purpose of politics is to defend.

5.21 The only course for the removal of politics from certain discussions is the treatment of political matters, through political action.

5.22 In so far as injustice is involved politicization is the only path to depoliticization.

5.3 What is tart in the age of mechanical re-traduction?

5.4 The proper sense in which our sense of humor should be universal is in that it should apply even to itself.

6. If you don’t have anything nice to say, be specific.

6.1 (Don’t ask me about the mind-body problem, I get all choked up, it’s like an isogloss around my neck!)

6.2 Bad arguments hide behind good arguments.

6.21 The unjust institutions that must first be dismantled are those mental complexes that comprise properly separate terms of thought, whose conflation and or or confusion extinguishes our prospects for comprehension.

6.211 An idea worth its weight in bootstraps!