Winter 2016


Glittering Pie (1935) - Henry V. Miller

No Trouble - Joe Byrne

Recuerdos - Moira McCavana

To A Good Home - Bret Johnston

Travel and Leisure or The Pest (1996) - Elif Batuman


A Reflection from John Ashbery '49 - John Ashbery

Art, Power, and Sex (1986) - Francine Prose

Censorship with a Smile: How Play-Doh and Puppies Endanger Americas College Students - Nico Perrino Alex Morey Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)

Feminology (1893) - Henry H. Chamberlin, Jr.

Hoopla - Lily Scherlis

In Defense of Oneself - Kate Massinger

Interview with Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1980) - Katherine Ashton

Interview with Mark Chiusano - Emma Adler

Man's Wrongs ("Dux Femina Facti") (1868) - Anonymous

Mishima's Body - Bailey Trela

Plan B - Neil Strauss

Private Parts - Owen Ojo

The Riddle That Proposes Us: John Ashbery's Flow Chart (1996) - Benjamin Kunkel

The Ruckus - Christine Legros


Untitled - Maria Vassileva

Burning Wheat - Perhat Tursun

Chapter 6 - Alyssa Moore

Circe's Palace (1908) - T. S. Eliot

five sections from Explosion Rocks Springfield - Rodrigo Toscano

from Metaphor and Simile24 poems at years end' - Brenda Hillman

from "The Fly-Bottle" - Ron Silliman


La Montagne qui accouche (1982) - Jean de La Fontaine

Mirror, Mirror - Faye Yan Zhang

post snap - Lev Mamuya

still, i wonder if you wonder if we are capable of suffering? - Danez Smith

The Old Era and the Wolf Girl - Abduw\xc3\xa9li Ershidin Bozlan

The Wit and Wisdom of Donald Hall (1966) - Donald Hall

Whose Woods These Are We Think - Brenda Hillman


296.61: Depression Edition - Timothy Hyunsoo Lee

296.61: Mania Edition - Timothy Hyunsoo Lee

Bitten - Roger Ballen

Coccoon - Garrett Allen

Cover for The Harvard Advocate (1967) - John Lithgow

Cut loose - Roger Ballen

Dew Breaker - Ellen Gallagher

Dog Box - Roger Ballen

Evidence (gun, kitchen knife) - Angela Strassheim

Evidence No. 2 - Angela Strassheim

Evidence (two Mossberg twelve-gauge shotguns) - Angela Strassheim

Evidence No. 8 - Angela Strassheim

existence + actuality I - Garrett Allen

existence + actuality II - Garrett Allen

existence + actuality III - Garrett Allen

Good and Evil - Roger Ballen

gookeyes (portraits of anxiety I) - Timothy Hyunsoo Lee

He Disappeared into Complete Silence, Plate 1 (1982) - Louise Bourgeois

He Disappeared into Complete Silence, Plate 3 (1982) - Louise Bourgeois

He Disappeared into Complete Silence, Plate 7 (1982) - Louise Bourgeois

Head inside shirt - Roger Ballen

I might die before I get a rifle_Device V, 1993/2002 - Walid Raad

I might die before I get a rifle_Device VI, 1993/2002 - Walid Raad

Memento Mori - Roger Ballen

Mugunghwa (the one that got away) - Timothy Hyunsoo Lee

Namus - Setenay Gel

New Forest/The Internal Revenue Office Reforested - Ellen Harvey

Reincarnation - IM Heung-soon

Slabs of Meat - Mindy Yi

Storyboard for Untitled (how does it feel) - Simon Dybbroe M\xc3\xb8ller

The Treachery of Sanctuary I - Chris Milk

The Treachery of Sanctuary II - Chris Milk

The Treachery of Sanctuary III - Chris Milk

Threat - Roger Ballen

Twirling wires - Roger Ballen