CURRENT ISSUE: Summer 2018


All the World is Full of In

scape’s chance,
the penny cool in the middle of your


palm, all creases dashing as

they’ve dashed

since you
were born, darling, I’m sure of

it, I know

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My roommate has some sort of condition where she gets freaked out by small holes. Trypophobia is what she calls it. It is hard not to make immature jokes about the fact that she is scared of holes, obviously, but for her this fear is very real.

I’ve never understood it. There is nothing frightening about holes. Holes are empty. If you dig a hole in the ground you can hide inside it, you can cozy up and feel the edges pressing in, nice and safe. A small hole in a sweater is something you can poke a pencil through, drag your fingernail around when you are nervous. Comfortable and secure. Nothing to fear.

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The Night of Power

Layla-tul-Qadr—that’s what the Qur’an calls it. The Night of Power. On the twenty-seventh of Ramadan each year, Muslims mark its beginning with a vigil. After breaking their fasts at sunset, they retreat into deep and solemn worship until sunrise the next morning, imploring Allah to forgive all their past and future sins. It is the only night when those who pray five times a day, or three times, or no times, all congregate. On this night, Allah revealed the first verse of the Qur’an—the injunction “Read!”—to the Prophet Muhammed. On this night, He writes in His Book of Decrees every event to occur in the next twelve months, from natural disasters to the falling of a leaf. On this night, the gates of heaven swing open and the gates of hell swing shut. Angels descend. 

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Boston Calls: What We Hear

2018’s Boston Calling music festival promises to daze, entrance and brew revelry under the proverbial roof of Harvard’s athletic complex. This year’s festival will include performances by festival mainstays The Killers, Eminem and Jack White, as well as performances by critically acclaimed indie acts including Julien Baker, Thundercat and St. Vincent. The full artist list can be found at Boston Calling has brought out a truly stellar lineup this year, paying particular attention to increasing the range of artists and musical styles it represents. This year’s Boston Calling promises to satiate music and culture lovers of all tastes. The festival will feature prominent rappers including Eminem; Tyler, The Creator; Cousin Stizz; and Brockhampton, while also presenting indie artists such as Dirty Projectors and Big Thief and major rock artists such as Queens of the Stone Age and Paramore.

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Boston Called, She Left a Message


The dry heat makes the grass yellow outside the Harvard athletic complex, but the AstroTurf remains green for Boston Calling. As Boston’s festival goers descend upon the complex, the smell of fried food, sweat, and just a whiff of the ganja permeates the air. But why do people come to music festivals? For the star-studded line up or for those strange moments of community found in the ever-pushing crowd? For the Insta/snap story or for the time with friends? For the likes or for what they like? And perhaps more importantly, what makes music festivals special? Are they like a lunch buffet special that is only appealing in combining everything for one, reasonable package-price? Or is a music festival greater than the sum of its events? On Friday afternoon, Noname performed on the green stage.

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