The Sea Beyond This World [translated]

translated by Kyoko Yoshida and Forrest Gander


a sea beyond this world (what if

there was (just a (fuzz

of thought I had (imagination dead

imagine (we’re told for untold ages to imagine

the meaning of the world as folds

and the beyond as folds

over the elastic roll (of fold on fold (sss… sea

(like that (still

we imagine out of habit (yes-yes


somewhere in the dark universe floating (floating?

a sea?  (yes (fuzzy

distant source, a watery uterus (no

babbling (like abrasions

profuse grooves (a speck of green

in the sea of tranquility (floating like soft rock (as

if you consider it too much                                                    

the subject (which is your head (so to speak

would crash down (like that (sss…sea

just (a thought but

it’s the spray at least (yes-yes

in which I would be soaked


the sea beyond this world (and (for a long time

the ordinary sea (again, again (having swum in the encephaloid

quietude  (fuzz (in what way

in what way are they different

in that quietude (just the (ordinary sea

swells  (like a medusa

the sea beyond this world  (palpitating  (adrift

promenading (this one as (a glossal mire

the ordinary sea  (so  (moon-inclined

tonguing and tongued  (this  (tongue

beyond all world  (sinister red  (the sea  (sinister red            

itself like  (a moon  (a mire


and you see

the sea beyond this world (so to speak  (already and always

took place  (people there

tugged their boats where they pleased  (and I’ll breach

kiss  (address  (tomorrow embrace

the winsome distillate of your flesh

so to speak (when everything is breached

there’s nothing left to do  (boats move  (as a thousand grooves

dazzling diagrams

and only on those grooves

can I survive  (imagine  (that

the stinging surface (of my skin and

beaded tears of  (semen that never  (poured into you

are  (grooves

as well (as the sounds at our death