Rain and Mountains

Sitting on a ledge,

observing the landscape

below, she admires

the proportional




of the sycamores,

spires, and greens,

but the air smells ornery,

and she is distracted

by a vibration.



She wants to wash

her hands but cannot.

All things might

change but do not.

Plagued by uneasy thoughts,



she wishes she’d

taken the drugs.

It’s as if her head were

partially blown off.

Who will find her?



The view across

the valley reveals

an electrical storm coming in,

squeezing the clouds,

tearing them asunder.



Long ago,

her parents nuzzled her,

murmuring, My love,

but now her eyes

are salt-choked,



and a fragrance

blows from the river,

as daylight topples over,

darkness coming

suddenly in the North.