Your Horoscope

Be brave today, thing made of flesh as you decay.


Be kind and try

to spend less money.  Try

to avoid

conflict with a Pisces


in a parking lot

at night.


He might have a knife.


Or, if you are not the type

to find yourself arguing in a parking lot at night, try

not to complain to the neighbors


about the noise, for

you may need those neighbors

when the water heater explodes.  They


may arrive with towels

and buckets in your basement, just


as you may find yourself

on their front porch, bearing

death’s casserole one warm morning in July, after


the unthinkable.

The Pisces.

The parking lot. Their


beautiful teenage boy, who


even as a baby

seemed afraid of nothing, listened

to music too loud


and to no advice.


A whole

sky full of stars

reflected in his eyes


as on the cool blank edge of a knife.