Depression—its a public feeling

But what if I don’t like anything as much as I pretend to


Darling Darling Darling

What if I don’t even like you


The blue night with trees

Everything told me to feel something


And yet everything you said was a lie

And all my emotions were for nothing


Oh all they want you to do is cry cry cry

Cry they say Cry


The animal takes the shape of the spirit

And the I is no I


Hardly on the girl

But why?


I had two main ideas

That I brought to the forefront


But the ideas never moved the audience

To laughter, to pick the pockets


So I tapped a little peacock

With the fiery tail


Until no one knew what was there


Its a public feeling


So I cry and cry

And the silver moon goes shining


Thunder and lightning

Thunder and lightning


I woke up in mid-morning


And it was all chatter

Just thunder and lightning