How the Water

Water heals the passage of whatever breaks
through it. And quickly. It heals the passage
and the break immediately. Corrects flesh
or vegetable. Heals indiscriminately.
The fish’s memory corrects each second

cleanly. Erases it. That means
‘abides by the water.’ So the school
is the space between fish surrounding it.
So the mind clears. So it polishes
a single principle. So salmon

and trout run, so the schooled fish
synchronize. That way their passage
continues the water. Or furthers it.
Schools of wrasses that consume hosts’
parasites. Called, ‘cleaning them.’ Healing

the fish by reduction. Or, further, wrass
mimics that erase the distinction. Consume
host and parasite. And indiscriminately.
The water heals the fish it bears
indiscriminately. It corrects them so it clears.

No, no, there are no others. The lid wrinkles
and breaks. The light shuffles down towards, no, we
are the crystal veins and bones and have
no vision. The sea vegetables loll their limp strands
uselessly. A line draws no border. The small
muscles school here, curl and flexing.
As those behind a face, but the face blank
always. So synapses glow to shed light
cautiously. So we taper. So we tend towards
the water dumbly. The water smoothes and tapers
away from expression. So the current here seeks no exit.