Burning Wheat

I am that comet you all have cursed,

in the dark void drifting aimless and unsettled.

Love me like an avenger's lost

last chance at revenge.


I am that person whose shadow was carved on the tree,

and from that day on taken for dead.

Love me like a hallucination

in a crazed killer's fevered brain.


I am that wheat that Heaven too has singed with fire,

that has shivered even from the dog days' sunlight.

Love me like a masochist.

As you cherish reason when the unreasonable surround you.


I am that wolf whose cold bright bones the witch doctor holds in her hand.

To soil, to air, to flame, to water I will scatter like a spell.

Love me like miracles not seen even when sun and moon align

in the sixth degree under the sign of the ram.


August 25, 2004, Ürümchi



Translated from the Uyghur by Joshua L. Freeman. See another of his translations

in the Advocate here.