after Robert Pinsky and Heather Christle



The trainer   the client   the desk clerk   the screen

the cell phone talker   the Lulu lemon   the camel toe cardio

   the old money type

the stud with the guns and the dark Lycra mock

the stay-at-home mom who just comes to be touched

The bench in the back and the stopwatch at click

the now two more   now two more   featherlight chide


This V-shaped trainer was walking toward me   the space

between the leg press and the abs was narrow but not

that narrow   Never very good at things like gyms or

people   and I was walking toward him too   I was

like When is he going to give some room?   I need room too   I was

like Dude go bathe your dogs   in my head


The doctor   the cyclist   the free weights   the gotchya

Mr. Universe   Mr. Platitude   Mr. Screenplay-Always-At-Ready-


Smug middle-aged and the kid companion   the Here-To-Be-Ogled

   the Let’s-Make-A-Deal

maybe does a set or two but mostly reads the magazines

The plates   the bells   the lighting   the fees

the flooring   the spacing   the exit   the rest of us