What I Said, Where I Said It, and Why

To hear myself say it

To listen to myself saying it to you

Who listen, to them or who

Cares why I said it 

That I said it for a reason

Or not, to you or not to you.

When I said it I said it

On the street, by the pier, in a city

On the water.

I said it in the forests

Of America. A little songbird

Who is frightened of the moon

She hears me say it to you

Who listen, I hear her

Who hears me too.

I don't think she listens 

When I say it. 

She sings to us the vowels

In a sequence--ee, ah, oo, ay; ee, ah, oo, ay.

Did Helen say it to Clytemnestra.

Did Jack Spicer

Overhear her say it to me.

I believe what I hear

In dreams, the people who speak

From inside me in dreams

Who whisper to me

The whys and hows of saying 

It to you. I cain't believe

I said it to you.

Are there any good poems 

About saying it.

If you find one let me know.