Against Diffusive Spread

When left alone I do what I often do. Which is lift out
some worms from my box of worms
and split their hair-scale bodies in half with a needle.
Everything in the body can be made perfectly clear
by soaking it in sugar. This means the light stops changing.
When I break the right kind of worm its eggs explode
out of it and keep growing. At those times,
as required, I sit around in the dark and watch.

In general I try to have no expectations that you’ll love me
from one moment to the next. And every night
my body breaks the spirit of the law. I think
it is vitally important to say nothing. I hope to never
accidentally ask not to be alone. You are the most
sophisticated type of person, whose cells don’t die,
whose inputs and outputs are smoothly coordinated
and all sound exactly right.

An egg or other cell, when watched,
listens all around it for its friends, and if it does
or does not hear them, then it pinches
itself in half or just shy of half, and splits.
I look with a laser in each egg for the glowing dot
that marks a future head, which is also how,
I think, we learn which of our sides is inside. In this way
everything in the body can be made perfectly clear.