Eight Bricks in Widener Library

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(From top row, left to right)

A east, British History, Br 60/76 and Br 60/77
B east, Music, WID-LC/ML/410/.H476/W5/1973 and WID-LC/ML/410/.H482/A3/1982
D east, Colonies, Emigration, Immigration, WID-LC/JV/6033/.Z 56/x/1987 and WID-LC/JV/6035/.A34/2011
C east, Bibliography and Library Science, WID-LC/Z/695.655/.B35/2001/(copy 2) and WID-
    LC/Z/695.655/.B35/2001/(copy 3)
5 west, French Periodicals, P Fr/331/25 and P Fr/331/25
3 east, Archaeology, Arc/48/1 and Arc/48/1
Pusey 3, Geography, WID-LC/G/155/.A1/S 424 and WID-LC/G/155/.A1/S 475/2008x
Pusey 3, Philosophy, WID-LC/B/2430/.D454/D35/2002x and WID-LC/B/2430/.D454/D38/2010x