Miscellaneous Poem

Miscellaneous Poem1
After Wang Wei and Sarah Howe


You come from my hometown and should know about things there.

Has the winter plum2 before my window3 bloomed?4



1. Miscellaneous Poems: Sporadic impressions or trifles that are produced
at any time. Poems of uncertain title.

2. Winter plum: “Cold plum”; plum blossom in winter.

3. Window: Carved patterned window. Here, it is a pattern of silk.

4. Bloomed: “Opened flower”, “opened bloom”.



The lyric protagonist lies close to life, a household mirror, or an artist’s sketch

   of miles of streams

of people coming home to see their relatives and friends. Exceptionally warm

   familial eagerness. So,

what sort of thing do you want to know about strangers living in different places?

          Soon our provocative protagonist’s imagining

you in the shapes of blossoms at his window. Using plum blossoms as a substitute

   for many things, not only form, but also poetry,

the commonest household affairs, the cold, things he’s misplaced, and, at the same

   time, the lofty character

of his allegiance. The whole thing laid out as

   if images.