Winter 2015

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The Lease - William Fuller

Setbreak | Viaticum - J. Camp Brown

The Next Generation - Robbie Burr Eginton

After Watching Ice Age Three - Stephen Burt

Leafscape and Lullaby - Lara Zysman

Getting the Picture. - D. A. Powell

Engine On. - D. A. Powell

Obscenity test, for polite company - Lara Zysman

Original - Fady Joudah

Polonius to Prufrock - Robbie Burr Eginton

Basic Problems in Poetry - William Fuller


An Interview With Étienne Balibar - Harvard Advocate Staff

When the Mammy Sphinx Gawks Back at You! - Caleb Lewis

Full Circle: (Exotic) Odysseys Through (Oriental) Rainforests on (Outlawed) Tour Buses - Faye Yan Zhang

Their Party - Lily Scherlis

Two Poems: Occupying Memory - Hilton Als

A Love Letter to My Stepmother - Indiana Seresin

The Inheritance - Moeko Fujii

The Breadfruit - Jamaica Kincaid


Look At Me! - Mindy Yi

Dreams herself into being - Kara Walker

Nude with animal - Ivan de Monbrison

Deep End (Pour) - Matt Saunders

Panic #2 - Matt Saunders

CCVA Theater #156 - Matt Saunders

Asta Theater #87 - Matt Saunders

Collision I - Harry CH Choi

Collision V - Harry CH Choi

From Cuffy the Negro’s Doggrel Description of the Progress of Sugar - Kara Walker

A. Suspendisse - Theo Jansen

Stills from Santo Antonio 1 - Joao Pedro Rodrigues

Stills from Santo Antonio 2 - Joao Pedro Rodrigues

Stills from Santo Antonio 3 - Joao Pedro Rodrigues

Stills from Santo Antonio 4 - Joao Pedro Rodrigues

Getting the News From Exile - Frantz Zephirin

Furr Displacement (Ring) - Sally Scopa

TP Roll - Sally Scopa

The Period - Glenn Ligon

Runaways - Glenn Ligon


Pythagoreans - Grant Ginder

Anomie - Caleb Lewis


Possession: Editor's Note - Julian Lucas